The wind of the Seas

The Lost Ship

This Artwork is one of a kind, and cannot be reproduced. The length of the creative process was approximately  6,5 months.

”The Wind of the Seas” has been built with over  6,000 specifically hand crafted different elements. 

Dimensions: 50″h x 56″w x 20″d

“The Wind of the Seas” is a legend of a ship

Back in the first decade of the 18th century, the waters around the new world were a scene of dramatic battles for fortune and domination, with no place for fear or retreat.The French merchant vessel “La Concorde” sailing off the coast of Saint Vincent, as a slave carrier was attacked and captured by the notorious English Pirate, Edward Teach (Blackbeard). It became one of the most notorious pirate vessels operating around the West Indies and the Eastern coast of the American colonies.
Blackbeard renamed the vessel “Queen Anne’s Revenge” and equipped her with 40 guns.
After Blackbeard’s death in 1718, there was much speculation about the destiny of his flagship. It was however noted, that just before his last battle, Blackbeard actually ran Queen Anne’s Revenge aground on a sandbar and sunk her near Beaufort, North Carolina.
I know that the journey of Queen Anne’s Revenge found its end, but not in the shallow waters off North Carolina.
Hidden in a disclosed location on a small island near Tortola, for hundreds of years, mounted on an enormous dry dock crane, with a new name, “The Wind of the Seas” awaits her new Master!
                                  -Jordan Dimitrov

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Rancho Santa Margarita,California