Raven – Racing Yacht

 Participant in the Regatta of  Madness


This Artwork is one of a kind, and cannot be reproduced. The length of the creative process was approximately  3  months.
”Raven  ” has been built with over 2,000 specifically hand crafted different elements. 
Dimensions:  31.5″h x 37 “w x 15″d

Raven | Former Cargo Shuttle Boat

Raven is former cargo shuttle boat from 15th Century refitted as a racing yacht. Very fast and stable, assuring on time merchant delivery between a group of islands. There are two peculiar areas of the hull of Raven that shows how the Mediterranean style is fused with old middle eastern appearance.That completes the final graceful look of the sailing vessel.
This Artwork has been built only by imagination. It represents the vision of the Artist, created without adopting a scheme, drawing sketch, or use of measuring tools.
-Jordan Dimitrov

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Rancho Santa Margarita,California