Treasure Carrier

This Artwork is one of a kind, and cannot be reproduced. The length of the creative process was approximately  5 months.

”QUAESTOR”  has been built with  more  than 5,000 specifically hand crafted different elements.  

Dimensions: 44″h x 53″w x 22″d


“Quaestor” is  a Treasure Carrier

Since the first expedition of Christopher Columbus in 1492, the Spanish fleet of Galleons had brought a tremendous amount of goods from its territories in the New World. In the 1560’s, the Spanish government created a system of convoys in response to the heavy operations of French privateers, who were sacking treasures from Havana.
 By the end of the 16th century, Spain had become the richest country in Europe.
 Then, the wars with the Ottoman Empire and with the majority of the biggest European powers, reflected hard on the economy, and created great inflation, which was also caused by the flow of precious metals from the American colonies. All of this gradually impaired their marine operations and caused a drastic decrease of the Spanish fleet to almost in half, with its remaining ships old and in poor repair.
  The trade of goods and precious metals was also threatened, by Spain’s colonial rivals, who seized a number of islands as bases along the Spanish Main and in the Spanish West Indies.
 In response to these big losses, the Spanish crown took prompt actions, to ensure the safe voyage, and to increase the security of its treasure fleet.
  A new generation of war Galleon was created.
The Spanish Government commissioned some of the greatest masters and brilliant warship commanders, who served as privateers. They were fearless captains with a new weapon in their command.
   Quaestor Galleons
With its 130 crew, equipped with tremendously powerful double Paixhans type guns, positioned along the extremely well reinforced hull, the Quaestor had a very distinctive pointed bow, specifically designed to ram and crush enemy vessels.
  There are no historical records that the Quaestor ships ever existed, maybe because it was a secret sailing weapon, or maybe there were no survivors to tell…..
-Jordan Dimitrov

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