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The Festival of Arts is pleased to announce it’s newest exhibit, Patron Picks 2017 at the historic Wells Fargo Building in downtown Laguna Beach on February 1st  through April 19th. Visitors of this summer’s Festival of Arts fine art show had the opportunity to vote for their favorite exhibitors and the top ten artists are featured in this multi-media show.

Artists are showing original works that represent their unique style and techniques. Types of artwork on display include sculpture, painting, photography and more. The public is welcome to join the artists for a free reception on Saturday, February  18th, from 11 am – 1 pm at the Wells Fargo Bank.





 The artists and their mediums presented in Patron Picks are Jordan Dimitrov (Sculpture), Ron Azevedo (Photography), Brian Giberson (Mixed Media), Christopher Wayne Allwine (Photography), John Repka (Sculpture), Barry Robin (Sculpture), Mary Aslin (Pastel), Adam Devito(Photography), Varsha Patel(Mixed Media).

“It was really interesting to see the diversity of artwork the patron’s selected as their favorites,” said Exhibit Curator Pat Sparkuhl.
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ArtLux Magazine


December 2016 Artist Interview: Jordan Dimitrov by Kelly Moore

Jordan Dimitrov  is best known for his exquisite nautical art and vessels sculptures, exploiting any and all available materials he can work with his hands.

After graduating with MFA from Shumen University, Bulgaria in  2001, he decided to focus on  his art and proceed his childhood dream by creating nautical vessels.

Dimitrov grew up in a family which is very into arts, Inspired byand he himself played the piano for 12 years, but the love of drawing and creating sculptuInspired by nautical tales and legends, Dimitrov begins to create imaginary, as real-looking old sailing vessels. 


Traveling with Carnival Cruise lines as an artist, Dimitrov has traveled to islands of the Bahamas and the Caribbean, which heighten the passion for creating art.This strong emotion can be seen in highly detailed, full of symbolism works.

2017  is a very exciting year for Dimitrov and the entire artistic community in Southern California, because of the new grounds of the  Art Festival in Laguna Beach. In his presentation at the Art Festival 2017, Dimitrov will exhibit work from his new collections.

For more information about the sculptor, Jordan Dimitrov and his work can be found here at First Nautical Art website:

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Laguna Beach Independent  

      Style and Substance Florish Even in the 84th Year

July 29th,2016
By Daniella Walsh | LB Indy

Jordan Dimitrov made his first replica of a ship at age 8 and remains fascinated with maritime history and sailing vessels plowing the seven seas to this day.Thirty-two years later, three of his meticulously life-like model ships can be seen at this year’s Festival of Arts, where 140 artists of diverse media are once again showing their best work in an array of traditional media and label-defying hybrids.
A second year exhibitor, Dimitrov became intrigued with boats watching an Australian television show in his native Bulgaria. Thus started his study of sailing ships.


“All my ships are made completely true to life and from natural materials,” he explained. Rigging and sails are made from cotton and wooden pins, rather than nails, hold the ship’s parts together. “You can’t see it here, but I pay equal attention to the inside as I do to the outside of the ships,” he said.

Even though he is not a sailor, he eschews pre-sketches or any pictorial guidance. He said that he builds his creations from keel to masts, bow tostern, even ship’s figureheads, strictly from images in his head.
“I visualize them in three dimensions in my mind,”he explained. The pirate vessel “Twilight” can be acquired for $20,000, and Dimitrov accepts commissions.

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August 20,2015

With another year widing down at Laguna Beach’s signature Festival of the Arts, here’s a look at three diverse artists who helped to bring the show to life this year: No matter their medium, artists find an audience at Laguna’s Festival of the Arts.

In a back corner of the Festival of Arts exhibition sits Jordan Dimitrov’s booth. On display are three ships complete with aging wooden bodies with barnacles on the sides, rusting chains and weathered ropes, and intricate details even in the levels hidden below the decks.
“What you see here are not ship models,” Dimitrov said. “I don’t do ship models. These are ‘story tales.’”
His ships are visual representations of his stories. Dimitrov takes events with incomplete historical records and completes them with his imagination through short stories a couple hundred words long. He brings each ship to life with his stories.
“When I start I don’t follow plans, I don’t follow pictures, I don’t even sketch them,” Dimitrov said. “This is my impression of that ship.”



Dimitrov begins with brand new materials and creates all the aging texture of the wood and metals by hand. He worked a year-and-a-half to create the four artworks required to apply for the Festival of Arts.“I’m creating my artworks very believable, very correctly,” Dimitrov said. “Some people ask me, ‘If you put them in the water, are they going to sail?’ And you know what; I don’t see a reason why not.”
The beginning of his involvement with shipbuilding began when he was 8 years old in his hometown of Shumen, Bulgaria. After watching “All the Rivers Run,” Dimitrov built his first ship to “replay the movie.”From then on, shipbuilding became his hobby. 
“I know a lot about ships and how they’ve been built because I’ve been, not studying them, but I’ve been very interested so I pay a lot of attention,” Dimitrov said. “Since I was little, I’ve been reading a lot and drawing them a lot.”
 In 2004, Dimitrov started sailing with Carnival Cruise Lines as an artist on board. Although he wasn’t shipbuilding at the time, the islands he visited in the Caribbean and the Bahamas would inspire the creation of his story tales. 


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Jordan Dimitrov in Laguna Beach Art Magazine Fall 2015
August 14, 2015

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Jordan Dimitrov Interview


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