Story of Friendship and Love

This Artwork is one of a kind, and cannot be reproduce.The length of the creative process was approximately  5 months.

”Memory” has been built with   almost  4,000 specifically hand crafted different elements.

Dimensions: 26″h x 35″w x 21.5″d  

“ Memory ” Story of Friendship and Love

“Memory” is a story of friendship and love.
The strongest and most exciting memories we carry in our hearts are the memories of our childhood. The endless warm summer days, the times we spent exploring the world around us and sharing those memories with best friends.
This story began many years ago on the west coast of the Black Sea, at the old docks, for retired fishing boats.It was less than a kilometer away from the village where my aunt lived. I stayed many summer vacations with her, away from the big city, the noisy streets and tall concrete buildings.
The Marine yard was not open to the public, but my best friend and I knew a secret hole in the fence and very often sneaked through so we could play around the old boats.


 I remember we played for hours and at the end of the day we usually sat and watched the sunset.
One day she looked into my eyes and smiled. I just knew it was something else!
I wished this moment would never end.
Here I am thirty years later, sitting at the end of the dock and realizing that my magic memory has never faded away. The warm sunset touching my face, the smell of the sea and something else, but this time I know what it is. It is love, and she sits next to me looking into my eyes and smiling.
My wish has come true!

                            -Jordan Dimitrov

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Rancho Santa Margarita,California