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-Small Trading Schooner-

This artwork is one of a kind and cannot be reproduced. The hull of Lion is hand carved from a solid block of wood. It has over 450 specifically handcrafted different media elements attached to the hull and the dry dock. The artwork includes two major parts, which are separately created to fit.

The bottom part is an ancient type of dry dock particularly designed for the Lion. It is a unique piece which is based only on the Artist vision and does not resemble any historical machinery.

The upper part is the actual watercraft, who laying secure on the dry dock timbers.

Dimensions:  21.5″h x 21.5 “w x 5.5″d

Lion | Small Trading Schooner with large cargo sailing boat

The schooner is a beautiful two or more masted ship with fore-and-aft sails, first used by Dutch in the 16th-17th Century. This type of ship has been largely built and further developed in North America from the late 17th Century. It has been extensively known in the region of New England. The schooner has been mainly used in trades, requiring speed and windward ability; obviously, that was the reason for its popularity among the pirates in the West Indies during the Golden Age of piracy.
This Artwork has been built only by imagination. It represents the vision of the Artist, created without adopting a scheme, drawing sketch, or use of measuring tools.
                                  -Jordan Dimitrov

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