Lady Mist

 Pirate Ship – Grand Sloop of  War

This Artwork is one of a kind, and cannot be reproduce. The length of the creative process was approximately 5 months.
”Lady Mist”  has been built with  more than 4,000 specifically hand crafted different elements.  
Dimensions: 44″h x 43″w x 18.5″d

“Lady Mist” Pirate Ship-Grand Sloop of War

“Lady Mist”
     February 1722, the waters near Nassau, New Providence.
 The morning sun shines through the sails of a small two-mast merchant ship, slowly heading towards its destination.  All of the sudden, a nervous bell sound rips through the silent morning calm. Man shouts, and pipe whistles suggest trouble. A large dark Sloop is closing very rapidly from the stern of the trading vessel. Warning gun blasts raise a wall of water, and splash it over the open decks of the Lady Mist. Blowing in the wind, the terrifying black flag is erected on the top mast of the Sloop, strongly declaring the intention and nature of its crew. Pirates.
   Every seaman, who served on board of a trading vessel, was aware that there was a great chance to encounter pirates in this region, an area also known as “The Pirate Havens.” It was wild and very distant from the seats of imperial powers, especially around the Bahamian islands, which were attracting outlaws because no government existed.
Most of the Pirates’ aggressive actions lead to very similar outcomes, mainly a peaceful surrender, or just a short chase which irritated the attackers and provoked the use of violent force, with sometimes fatal consequences.   Immersed in the attack, the adrenaline and the expectations of big reward, blind the attention of the pirates, and they miss to notice the strange maneuver of the merchant ship. With a sudden hard turn to the starboard side, exposing the entire length of its hull, “Lady Mist” opens her gun ports.
   There is something the attackers don’t know. The small “merchant” ship they are trying to raid, has just reached her destination.The cannon fire on the broadside of the “Lady Mist” explodes in a horrific inferno, instantly deconstructing the pirate vessel with the tremendous power of her bombard cannons specifically constructed to take down, even a small fortress. Rumors start spreading from the Bahamas to the east Caribbean islands about the ghost ship that brings death to pirates.
Some of the outlaws tell stories about the captain of the ship, who is the scariest and the most evil creature of the seas, a mermaid who has fire instead of hairs.It is amazing how the man’s imagination creates legends by interpreting actual dramatic facts from history.
   The Mermaid from the pirate’s tales was actually a real-life person, not ordinary, but real, known as a fiery tempered red haired woman. She was Irish, born around 1700.  Anne Bonny was one of the most famous female pirates in history. Her active years were between 1718 and 1720. She was captured and sentenced to death. There were no historical records of Bonny’s release or of her execution, and her fate was unknown to the public…. until now.
  As a knowledgeable pirate, she was commissioned by the English authorities to counter fight piracy. She was given the command of a state of the Art warship called “Lady Mist.”

  -Jordan Dimitrov


Sold to Private Collection



Rancho Santa Margarita,California