Horizon Light

Expedition Ship

The Artwork

On the display is the meticulously handcrafted two-masted brig, built with over than 10,000 specifically designed different media elements, attached on a very detailed plank-on –frame hull. The exterior and the interior of the vessel are finished with incredible touch.The treatment and the staining of the wooden surfaces are secret receipts of the Artist.

Horizon Light is positioned on particularly designed and very intricate dry dock. British brig captured by the U.S Navy refitted to serve as an expedition vessel in preparation to search for the Northwest Passage.

This Artwork has been built only by imagination. It represents the vision of the Artist, created without adopting a scheme, drawing sketch, or use of measuring tools.

Dimensions:  40″h  x  50″w x 19″d

“Horizon Light”  | Expedition ship


Horizon Light is inspired by the events of the war in 1812, when the United States took on the greatest naval power in the world, Great Britain, in a conflict that would have an immense impact on the young country’s feature. The artwork presents a British build two-masted brig taken as a prize from the U.S.Navy. On the stern of the ship is proudly displayed a very rear 17 star and 17 stripe U.S. ensign, originally belonged to privateer  “Blockade”   128 –ton schooner ,commanded by Captain Elisha Mix who was captured in a battle of the Island of Saba in the Caribbean  on October 31st,1812,by Captain James Clepham ,sailing on HMS Charybdis,385-ton ,18 gun British Navy brig, with crew of 121.
Horizon Light
This absolutely stunning artwork represents the Artist imagination of the events following the future of the US Flag and the British warship.
                                  -Jordan Dimitrov

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