Creative Process

 “A World Of Art , Ships and Adventure”

All  Artworks are one of a kind, absolutely unique, and cannot be reproduce. The length of the creative process of each vessels is approximately 5-8  months

Creative Process

Process of  Artworks                                                        

When I first start my artwork,I need only my knife and wooden material. While I am putting together each individual part, I can already visualize my artwork standing on the work surface in front of me. I become completely immersed in the process, never measuring with a ruler, only with my eyes; I can sometimes even hear and smell the sea in my workshop, ships masts and wood creaking with the ebb and flow of the tide. In every piece of artwork I create, I use over three thousand different pieces including carved sculptures, chains, rails, masts, anchors, nets, wooden pins and rigging.


Each piece is hand-crafted and unique for a specific place and precise detail. During the whole process I will use wood, copper, brass, aluminum; cotton, acrylics, linen and marble. If you were to deconstruct one of my ships, you will also see that even the parts, not in clear view and that may never actually be seen (i.e. the lower decks) have also been hand crafted with the same amount of detail as the viewable surfaces. I believe that my artwork is not complete until every last detail, seen or unseen is perfect. The stains and techniques I use to make the wood look weathered are all natural, even down to the rust on any metal pieces.


I use a number of different outside sources in my work, from World Maritime History of the Conquest of the New World, to Sea drama, battles and the race for the new world; legends, fairy tales of treasure Islands and pirate battles. This helps me to envisage the romance of the artwork I create and allows me the ability to fully immerse myself in a project.
I am heavily influenced by the beauty of each vessel and the way they represent both fortune and power in history and in our present day. This I feel is created by the detailed art decoration and sculpture on each vessel.

Rancho Santa Margarita,California