Chaika | Red

 Journey Collection

Old sailing wooden boat inspired by popular  pilot cutter


Chaika is a beautiful nautical artwork, uniquely designed with strong love for the sea and passion for sailing. The way the artwork has been created, give its brilliant impression of realism and shows aging of the material so precise, it feels that the vessel has been just taken out of the water and placed on a dry dock!

Chaika is built with over 200 specifically handcrafted elements attached to a hand carved hull.The artwork is aged by special treatment of the surfaces and covered with a stain which is personal receipt of the artist!

This Artwork has been built only by imagination. It represents the vision of the Artist, created without adopting a scheme, drawing sketch, or use of measuring tools.

Dimensions:  22.5″h x 21 “w x 4.5″d
Rancho Santa Margarita,California